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Cat Shrier, Ph.D., P.G.

Cat Shrier is President and Founder of Watercat Consulting LLC (Watercat), an
to facilitate communication and understanding of water and other natural
resources management issues, technologies, and policy approaches.  Cat
consulting firms since 1992, and with water and environmental agencies and
legislative offices on environmental issues since 1984.  

Cat’s clients have also included public and private companies in the water
utility, oil & gas, power, and mining sectors; educational institutes; water users
and other stakeholder organizations.  Her areas of expertise include integrated
water and energy planning and policy; integrated water management for
habitat, municipal, agricultural, recreational, and industrial uses; conjunctive
use and management of groundwater and surface water resources;
development of cohesive research strategies involving universities, institutes,
agencies, consulting firms, and private industry; and development of education
and outreach programs and other communication vehicles.

As a Senior Project Manager for a large environmental consulting firm in
Calgary, Alberta, and Denver, Colorado, Cat managed hydrology baseline
studies and environmental impact assessments, using state-of-the-art
modeling, assessment, and river restoration technologies for large Athabasca
oil sand projects for clients including Shell, Suncor, PetroCanada, and
ExxonMobil, and power projects for TransAlta.  She led several projects for
energy clients to evaluate alternatives for wastewater management and
treatment for reuse and recycling throughout their facility operations.  She
planned public scoping meetings and developed educational materials to
support environmental impact assessments for energy and power projects in
US and Canada.  

For the state water agencies, US Department of Energy and national
laboratories, she organized the September 2009 “Water-Energy Sustainability
Symposium” in Salt Lake City, and authored the symposium report on Water-
Energy Sustainability Perspectives and Policy Approaches.  For the DC Water
Research Institute, she has led analysis of research capabilities throughout
the DC Universities Consortium.  She developed a weekly seminar series,
field trips, and other events for university students, faculty and staff; stakeholder
organizations to form a cohesive water community in DC. For Alberta
Environment’s Water for Life provincial water strategy, she led the development
of agency programs, studies, and educational tools to support development of
“alternative” water supply storage and management.  She organized the
National Research Council’s forum on policy, permitting, planning, and public
perception issues on managed underground storage of recoverable water.  

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Civil Engineering
Emphasis: Water
Resources Planning and
Colorado State University
Environmental Sciences
and Engineering
Emphasis: Environmental
Management and Policy

University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

North Carolina State

Dartmouth College

Registered Professional
North Carolina #2002

Certified Personal Best
Seminars Jumpstart
Coaching Personal
Development Coach

Certified Neurolinguistic
Programming (NLP)