Watercat Consulting, working with students from Johns Hopkins University, Washington &
Lee University, and the University of Maryland, has been providing informative tours of water-
related features in Chicago, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Washington D.C., tailored to
attendees at water-related conferences.  These tours provide an interactive way to maximize
professional development time while getting to know the host city for conferences.  Both bike
tours and walking tours have been offered.

The initial pilot water tour project was offered at the American Water Works Association 2010
conference in Chicago, with Washington & Lee student Matt Schreiber and Aqueous
Advising, and was offered in conjunction with a conference poster presentation on the
benefits and challenges of tours for water utiltiies.  A copy of the 2010 tour brochure,
conference poster and paper are below:
Click here to see the 2010 AWWA tour brochure
         Click here to see the conference poster                                    
Click here to see the conference paper

In 2011, Baltimore tours have been offered at three  major water conferences:

  • American Water Resources Association Spring Specialty Conference on
    Climate Change and Water Resources, Baltimore, Sunday, April 17, 2011
         Click here to see the 2011 AWRA tour brochure                                                    

  • National Ground Water Association/Ground Water Protection Council “Ground
    Water Summit," Baltimore, Sunday, May 1, 2011
         Click here to see the 2011 NGWA tour brochure    

  • National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration, August 1-5, 2011
         Click here to see the 2011 NCER tour brochure

To arrange for a water tour to be developed for your conference, please contact Cat Shrier
at 202-344-7894.
Watercat Consulting Presents: 2011
Water Conference Tours


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